Black Lung X

Islay Peated Whisky Barrel Aged Smokey Stout

Black Lung is back for the 10th time and to celebrate this milestone we sourced some of the smokiest barrels we could find all the way from the home of smoky whisky, Islay, Scotland! To do these amazing barrels justice we brewed the biggest, booziest, Black Lungiest, Black Lung ever to be put into barrels, clocking in at 12%. We then aged the beer for longer than any previous Black Lung and the result speaks for itself!

12% ABV

Malt: Ale, Heavy Peated Malt, CaraAroma, Chocolate, Dark Crystal, Rolled Oats, Midnight Wheat, Carafa III. Hops: Magnum. Yeast: English. Other: Islay peated whisky barrels.

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