Holdin’ Hay Time

Toffee-Vanilla-Chocolate-Honeycomb-ish Ale

Hay is for horses. They neigh for hay. It's their way of saying "hey! (Or g'day!) Give me some hay." And when they get hay they say "yay i got some hay, what a great day!" We, however, prefer things with lots of chocolatey, biscuity, smooth toffee ice creamery deliciousness. And beer. And holdin' hay (but not on our own).

6.5% ALC/VOL 22 IBU 22 SRM

Hops: Magnum. Malt: Ale, Redback, Toffee, Biscuit, Light Chocolate, Rolled Oats, Lactose. Yeast: British. Other: Bit o' Vanilla, Bit o' Cacao, Lil Bit o' Honey.

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