Lando Kardashian

Tripel IPA

"The witch: they said you'd come... From the north, a [beer] of great strength... A conqueror. A [beer] who would some day be king by his own hands... What is it you seek? Conan: a standard. A symbol. Perhaps on a shield. Two [beers] coming together... Facing each other! But they're one. The witch: with... with a sun and a moon [dog] below. Black sun. Black moon [dog]. Conan: yes... [baby!]".

11.5% ALC/VOL 65 IBU 8 SRM

Hops: Simcoe, Centennial, Magnum, Kohatu. Malt: Pilsner, Special B, Biscuit, Pale Wheat. Yeast: American, Trappist.

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