Love Tap

Double Lager

The OG Love Tap. "Love tap, baby, love tap babeeee! .. Something and a something .. As big as a whale … Huggin' and a dancin' and a lovin' and wearin' next to nothing … And it's about to set sail to the love tap." Pretty sure (almost certain) they weren't the exact words. But we reckon if they were they'd be a bang on way to describe this new world craft lager. It's got a big shmack of citrusy, tropical hops and a clean, crisp finish. Enjoy!

5.9% ALC/VOL 34 IBU 9 SRM

Hops: Galaxy, Motueka, Tettenang, Malt: Pilsner, Carared, Carapils, Munich. Yeast: Lager.

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