Magnificent Mullet Series


So, this beer is part of our "Magnificent Mullet" series (aka mississippi mudflap; meerasche). We wanted to celebrate those who have donned one of the great hairdos of yesteryear, and what better way than infusing various fruits into a wheaty berliner-ish type thing. This one is "macguava" (a very wit-y […] Play on words), because we used lots of guava. The flavour is short and wheaty up front, but long and guava-ey at the back.

5.6% ALC/VOL 10 IBU 3 SRM

Hops: Simcoe. Malt: Pilsner, Pale Wheat, Raw Wheat. Yeast: Bavarian Wheat, Lactobacillus. Other: Guava Added Post-Fermentation.

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